Monday, 27 June 2016

End of Week 5 - I can do this! I can :-)

Hi out there.  Have you all had a wonderful week.

The girls finished school this week and did their final exams.  Shannon has her Graduation ceremony this coming Thursday.

So schools out for Summer all 11 1/2 weeks of it!

I have had a really good week and you will see from my graph below that I didn't do anything on Saturday!  We decided to have a family day out and there really wasn't time to fit it in.  Up to that point I had been doing my exercise on the treadmill 33 days in a row!!  So hey I missed one day - but was back at it for Sunday :-)

Here's the weekly breakdown.

I did notice my heart rate was a little higher yesterday - don't know if it was maybe I was a little tired but still felt good after I had finished.

So, on to the weight figures :-)

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight Last Week
210 lb

Weight This Week
208 lb

Weight Loss
2 lb

Weight Loss Total end of Week 5
12 lb

Slow and steady.  I am really pleased with how this is progressing. 

Hope you all have another fabulous week and thanks for supporting me :-)

Quote for the Day.

"Don't let the fear of the time it will take to
accomplish something, stand in the way of your doing it.
The time will pass anyway;
we might as well put that passing time
to the best possible use."
Earl Nightingale (Radio personality, writer, speaker and author)

Monday, 20 June 2016

End of Week 4 - Whoop Whoop the first.....

The first what I hear you ask.  Well, you'll have to scroll down for that :-)

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and celebrated Father's Day.  We went out for a wonderful family meal - I was really good and went with a lovely salad and chicken :-)  I did steal one (just one) of Andy's fries LOL!

The girls have finished school, however, this week is exam week so only mornings to deal with and they will be all done by Thursday!  Schools out for Summer !!!

I am so happy that you are popping along and encouraging me - it means so much to me and I thank you for your support :-)

Still doing everyday and happy to report that I have been doing this now for 28 days on the trot!  I am already feeling so much more mobile and I am so in the right frame of mind to get this done!

So, here's my weekly breakdown.

Did you see?  I reached the 1 mile (1.6km) - whoop whoop :-)  LOL!  For the next two weeks (as then I go away for two weeks) I am going to concentrate on getting a little faster, albeit keeping the time the same.

Are you ready for some scientific stuff LOL!

One of my friends was asking me about what the fitness score is in my graph above. So I thought I would share with you the graph in the Treadclimber Manual. (Click on the picture it will open it up bigger)

That red line is me LOL!.  I started this journey at level 31 - poor, and I am currently at level 42(the blue line) - low average (where the two lines intersect), after 4 weeks of using the Treadclimber every day.  The fitness score is based on calorie burn and time/distance/heart rate over 5 workouts.  So as you do more and get fitter this figure will increase.  

Taken from the Treadclimber manual.

"The most efficient procedure to burn fat during exercise is to start at a slow pace and gradually increase your intensity until your heart rate reaches between 60% - 85% of your maximum heart rate. Continue at that pace, keeping your heart rate in that target zone for over 20 minutes.  The longer you maintain your target heart rate, the more fat your body will burn."

Here's the graph :-)

So now when you look at my weekly graph and see the fitness score and the average heart rate you know what it stands for.  My average heart rate is well within the fat-burning zone - yay me LOL!

Weigh in time - yep!

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight Last Week
211.5 lb

Weight This Week
210 lb

Weight Loss
1.5 lb

Weight Loss Total end of Week 4
10 lb

I have lost my first...... 10 lb !  Feeling so good and raring to go for another week :-)

Hope you all have a fabulous one and thanks for your continued encouragement :-)

Quote for the Day.

"Don't wait until everything is just right.
It will never be perfect.
There will always be challenges, obstacles
and less than perfect conditions.
So what.  Get started now.
With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger,
more and more skilled, more and more self-confident
and more and more successful."
Mark Victor Hansen (motivational speaker and author)

Monday, 13 June 2016

End of Week 3 - Still Going strong :-)

Wow - where are the weeks going.  3 down only another 29 weeks till I turn 50 LOL!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone that has come along and is supporting me on this journey to get fit and for leaving such fab encouraging comments.  Keep it up please :-)

Secondly, my girls finish school this Friday, although they have exams next week, but that doesn't mean that I stop.  Hubby has to get up for work, so I'll get up to do my workout :-)

Here's this weeks breakdown.  Happy to report I have still managed every day, and still improving.

Did you see that I reached the 30 minute goal!  And nearly a mile (1.5km) LOL!

My intention now, is to keep it at 30 minutes, but change up the speed and also the drop/height of the the treadles. Although I may leave the latter till I return from the UK. More on that later.

I thought I would share a very quick recipe with you today.  I have been making this no-crust quiche off and on for a few years now.  It is low fat, filling and so easy to make.


1 x 500g Tub of 0% Cottage Cheese
1 x medium onion - chopped
6 Eggs

That's it.  The basic recipe.  

Beat you eggs till light and fluffy.
Add chopped onion and the cottage cheese.
You can add other things
like your favourite veggies, or deli meats.  What ever you fancy.

I added some chopped sliced tomatoes to mine.

Oven at 200c (400f)
Cook for about 35 minutes, still set in the middle.

I usually have mine with a pile of salad, maybe a baked potato.

It's lovely warm, but tastes even better cold, so great for picnics too!

Here's the one I cooked the other day, nom nom nom :-)

Now, I'm not sure if I will have many recipes to share but when I do, I will also added them to the pages tab above, for quick reference :-)

Oh yes - I guess it's Monday so Weigh in time :-)

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight Last Week
214.5 lb

Weight This Week
211.5 lb

Weight Loss
3 lb

Weight Loss Total end of Week 3
8.5 lb

Still a great steady weight loss.  I was really surprised when I got on the scales this morning, at the 3lb loss :-)  Makes me feel good :-)

So, in three weeks my daughter and I are taking a trip to the UK to visit friends and family.  It is part of her graduation present and we are both looking forward to the Mum and daughter time.  So, I will be absent on here for a couple of weigh ins :-(  I will be trying my best to keep on track, but of course the workouts will cease.  But as soon as I get back I will be back at it!  Saying that, there are still another 3 weigh ins before I leave!

Once again, thanks so much for the support :-)  Have a great week.

Quote for the Day.

"No matter who you are, no matter what you do,
you absolutely, positively 
do have the power to change."
Bill Phillips (Fitness)

Monday, 6 June 2016

End of Week 2 - Feeling Positive

Hi there everyone.

I hope you have all had a fabulous week.

I am happy to report that I have had a wonderful week and still managed to do a workout every day.

Also, one of my blog friends has decided to take this journey with me and for that I am very grateful. It will be great to motivate each other and support each other week by week.

(if you click on the table - it will open in a larger window for you to read)

As you can see, I managed to increase my workout to 25 minutes yesterday, so the aim is to keep it at that for this week. I also managed my first 3/4 mile! It doesn't sound a lot, but on the Treadclimber the treadles are on an incline, so you're actually walking up hill :-)

It's Monday - so it's weigh in time!  Being accountable is a great motivator for me - hence the blog.

I always weigh first thing in the morning, after all it's when you are at your lightest :-)  So let's have it :-)

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight last week
216.5 lb

Weight this week
214.5 lb

Weight Loss
2 lb

Weight Loss Total end of Week 2
5.5 lb

A good steady weight loss is what I am after.  So am pleased with this result, slowly but surely!

I have never been one for going to a gym, just in case you were wondering. But now I have the Treadclimber in my basement - I have no excuse.  No "It's raining", "It's too hot", "It's too cold" or the usual one "I don't have time" - I do and I can!

Quote for the Day.

"One may walk over the highest mountain, one step at a time."
John Wanamaker