Monday, 15 August 2016

End of Week 12 - Nearly at first weight goal!

Well hello.  I hope that your summer is going well.  We have had a really big heatwave here, with temperatures souring up to the 40c (104f) and higher! We did have a great rainstorm on Saturday - so the gardens really benefited from it.  Back to the heat now though.  How are things where you live?

I have had another good week, albeit I didn't do my workout on the Monday last week as I had a migraine.

Now as an oldie (well oldish LOL!) I am going through perimenopause  and boy, I can tell you those hot flashes are not fun!  Especially when you are in the middle of a work out and already over hot LOL!

But it has not deterred me, I figure I'm already hot, so who cares LOL!

Anways, here's the run down for last week.

Another notch up on the fitness level to 48 and I'm now in the area of average fitness according to the graphs for the Treadclimber (you can see those in this post HERE). I started out at "poor" so think I am doing quite well.  Only another couple of notches and I'll be up to "high average".

Well let's get on with the weigh in!

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight end of Week 11
202 lb

Weight this Week
200.5 lb

Weight Loss
1.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
19.5 lb

Oh my!  Nearly at my first goal of getting down to 200lb.  Methinks, I might get out of the 200 Club next week - what say you ?!

Slowly but surely said the tortoise to the hare ;-)

Quote of the Day.

"Put all excuses aside and remember this:
YOU are capable."
Zig Ziglar (American author/Motivational speaker)


  1. you are doing awesome Karon!!

  2. Nice job, Karon. I would expect you to be below 200 by now (I'm late to the celebration!). Congrats on goal 1 done. I'm sorry to hear about your migraine, but will hope the exercising and the fitness helps that too.

    I myself am making slow loses, slower than you. But I have been faithful to choose to care for my body through exercise. I'm putting that in the win column 90 days in and celebrating. So we celebrate together!


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