Monday, 26 September 2016

End of Week 18 - Half Way and a bit :-)

Good morning everyone.  Here we are nearly at the end of September!

Fall is underway and the cooler temperatures have arrived. I finally turned off my air conditioning this week, it was so nice to open all the windows and let the fresh air in throughout the house :-)

I love this time of year.  The leaves have started turning and there is such a beautiful array of colours throughout the trees.

Had a good weeks workout, with just a couple of days off.

Still maintaining a good calorie burn, by upping the intensity of my workout and slowly but surely getting towards that score of 52 on the Fitness score which will give me a High Average fitness - more details in this post HERE.

Weigh in :-)

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight end of Week 17
190.5 lb

Weight this Week
189 lb

Weight Loss
1.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
31 lb

I have reached and surpassed by half way point. The aim is to reach 160 lb, with a review at that time as to whether or not I can get that down further or if 160 lb will be my final comfort one.

I still find it difficult to even comprehend that I could reach that point.  When I look in the mirror I still see my imperfections and extra weight.  Although my clothes tell me I am definitely doing great :-)

At some stage, I am thinking also of going to a local gym with my husband, to start using the circuit training.  This will be to start toning up the muscles and helping with maintaining a good steady weight loss.  Not sure when I will start this, whether it be when I reach goal or before.  We will see :-)

Quote of the Day.

"Put all excuses aside and remember this:
YOU are capable."
Zig Ziglar (American author/Motivational Speaker)


  1. wow you are doing so well - it's turned very chilly here too xx

  2. Bl**dy brilliant Karon you're doing so well and I have no doubt you will smash your target. How are you feeling in yourself?


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