Monday, 31 October 2016

End of Week 23 - A good one :-)

Hi everyone.  Happy Monday.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.

Hubby was away to a conference last week, but I still managed to eat correctly and my exercise was completed, albeit I did not do any Nordic Walking last week.

We had very interchangeable weather and even some snow - yep the white stuff!  Although it didn't stay around for long and was washed away the next day with torrential rain!

Here's the workout for this past week.

Let's hope that snow stay's away for a little bit longer :-)

Weigh in time.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight end of Week 22
184.5 lb

Weight this Week
182 lb

Weight Loss
2.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
38 lb

A great week and yes I did eat properly whilst hubby was away :-)

This weeks words of wisdom comes from my friends (Steve) Facebook page I am Enough.  It really does remind me that I am on this journey for me!  Why not go check out his fabulous page.

"When you start doubting yourself,
remember how far you have come.
Remember everything you have faced,
all the battles you have won,
and all the fears you have overcome."

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  1. Such positive posts from you Karons I'm loving being part of your journey. Keep at it! x


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