Monday, 21 November 2016

End of Week 26 - Great week :-)

WOW another week has gone by.  Christmas is just around the corner.

This also means that my daughter will soon be home from college for the Christmas Holidays - I have missed her so much but I take great pride in the fact that she is doing what she has always dreamed of doing and she is succeeding.  Go Shannon, you rock :-)

Well, Winter arrived for us yesterday, I don't think we will see much grass now until around April time.  It snowed most of yesterday and also the same for today.  But, hey I live in Canada - so it snows :-)

Anyways, I have had a great week this week.  I have made some decisions on how I can keep up this momentum to getting fit for 50.  Keep telling myself how far I have come and yes I still have a little ways to go - but I can do this!

So this weeks workouts.

I will try and get out for the odd Nordic Walk - weather and windchill permitting!  But will continue with the Treadclimber exercise.  I am also going to try and introduce some Strength training, as I need to tone up my under arms and my legs etc - more on that next week.

Onto the weigh in.

Start Weight 
220 lb

Weight end of Week 25
180 lb

Weight this Week
177.5 lb

Weigh Loss
2.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
42.5 lb

So 42.5 lb equates to 3 Stone and 1/2 lb for my UK friends :-)  Feeling good!

Said I had a great week.  I am feeling so positive that I can achieve this!  Even with the Christmas season looming, I know I can make the right choices.

Another Quote for you this week from I am Enough Facebook page - Steve really reminds me that if you want to achieve something you can - it is up to you - your choices make your life.  Thanks for sharing Steve.

"You've got 3 choices in life:
Give up
Give in
Give it all you've got!"
John Assaraf


  1. Keep it up, Karon. I'm so proud of you for your stick-to-it nature. I've completely fallen off the wagon during the month of November and I've no excuse - it's been around 95 degrees most of the month - sunny and beautiful. Here you are slogging your way into the winter months.

    Keep up the steady pace. You are an inspiration and I'm going to climb back up on the wagon this week and keep my health a priority. I'll look forward to your strength training description. I've mostly used the circuit training at the gym so far.

    Have a great week!


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