Monday, 6 February 2017

End of Week 37 - Great Week

Happy Monday everyone.

Hope you had a fabulous week.

I have had a great week this week and even had some treats.  It is Emily's 16th Birthday today, so on Saturday we went out for a meal and it was her choice to visit East Side Marios (pasta, pizza, salads) for her birthday meal.

The rules changed recently in Canada that all restaurants (over 20 places), by law, have to give calorific and nutritional information on all their menu items. This makes it so much easier for me, as I was able to check online first and make my choices before even getting to the restaurant.  I had a delicious Tuscan Chicken Salad.

Andy and I also went down to our Winter Festival in Ottawa - Winterlude. It is our annual festival that runs over 2 weeks to celebrate Winter Canadian Style.  Thought I would share a few photo's from our walk around the Crystal Garden.

 Canada is celebrating it's 150th Birthday this year :-)

 In progress, it was amazing to watch them cutting the ice!

 Look at the detail!  Can you believe that is all ice!


 Was in awe of this amazing peacock!

 This beautiful wall as we walked into the gardens.

 A Beaver tail - we shared one :-) For those of you non-Canadian's, think of it as a flat donut :-)

And just the two of us, standing in front of the carved 150 :-)
Happy Birthday Canada

Anyway, enough of the photos :-)

The workouts.

Let's weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 36
163.5 lb

Weight this Week
161 lb

Weight Loss
2.5 lb

Weight Loss Total
59 lb

I am 1 lb away from my first major goal - whoop whoop LOL!

I am going to set another goal once I reach that 160 lb, more about that when I get there :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Quote of the Day (Shared by I am Enough Coaching)

"Sometimes the smallest step
in the right direction
ends up being the
biggest step of your life.
Tiptoe if you must,
take a step."
Naeem Callaway (Pastor and blog Author "Spiritual Inspiration")


  1. Excellent photos, Karon. How wonderful as a way to celebrate the winter and your country's founding. So glad to see you so near your goal. Keep it up!

  2. That is incredible you have done a grand job hun x well done!


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