Monday, 27 February 2017

End of Week 40 - The wrong shoes and new jeans :-)

Happy Monday - its a brand new week.

We had some really balmy weather last Friday - to the point it reached 11c (52f), quite warm for a Canadian Winter.  So, in the afternoon I decided to get some fresh air and go for a good walk.  The two pairs of trainers I have, that I wear all the time, one for my Treadclimber and one for the gym, do not get worn outside - purely because I don't like to ruin machines with stones that get stuck in the treads of shoes :-)

Anyway's the only other pair of shoes/trainers that I had were Hikers!  Off I went on my walk - oh my - that was a big mistake.  I did manage the walk, avoiding snow puddles and gritted path ways, however, I knew I was going to be in trouble as I was walking extremely flat footed.  For the next few days, I felt as if I had walked a marathon, not just 5km!  I did keep up with my other exercise though and it did help to walk off the muscles that were hurting.

Lesson learned - wear the correct shoes for the activity!  As soon as the Spring arrives properly, I will buy another pair of trainers like the ones I have for indoor - as I love them and have worn them outside before I started down the gym (so know they are comfortable) and then will be happy to go walking in the warmer weather :-)

Hmmmm - new jeans :-)  Having got rid of all my big clothes to charity, my wardrobe is looking rather sparse and although I really don't want to get too many new clothes (as I'm still loosing weight) I do need some to live in :-)

We were in Costco at the weekend and I found some lovely jeans (that weren't hipsters!), but the dilemma is what size should I get.  Anyways, I decided to pick up a size 12 to see if they would fit, bringing them home to try, as I could always take them back if they were too small.

Oh my!  I am beaming from ear to ear!  I never thought I would say that I could wear a size 12 pair of jeans - but they fit perfectly and are so comfortable!  I know I still have a way to go, but this makes me feel so good about myself and onwards and downwards I go :-)

Anyways, on with the workouts for this past week.

I have upped the time I spend at the gym, just by 10 minutes - by doing a 10 minute warm up, the 20 minute strength exercises and then the 10 minute cool down.  Every little helps - right :-)

I also managed to go up another level in fitness, to 62, on the Treadclimber - so happy about that.

Onto the weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 39
159 lb

Weight this Week
158 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
62 lb

Another 1 lb down, and each week that step closer to my next goal.  

Last week I shared some photo's of my progress so far, I made up a couple of side by side photo's too that really show the difference. In order, 21 May 2016, 26 Nov 2016 and 18 Feb 2017 :-)

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement as I continue along this journey.

Have a fabulous week.

Quote of the Day

"Believe you can
you're halfway there."
Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Brilliant once again Karon. I cant wait for the warmer weather either. It's so much more enjoyable running/walking with the sun on your back! Congratulations on the transformation & size drop x


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