Tuesday, 2 May 2017

End of Week 49 - A bit of this and a bit of that :-)

Morning/afternoon/evening everyone! Weather is atrocious here today - rain all day.

Oops meant to post this yesterday - got distracted LOL!

Youngest daughter Emily is on a Mini-Enrichment week at one of the local universities, she is doing a Write by the River workshop. Means early mornings and trying to get through rush hour traffic, but I know she is going to enjoy this opportunity.

Eldest daughter Shannon has managed to get herself a summer job, whilst she is home from college, and she starts that today.  She also passed her second Semester exams, for Vet Tech, and passed with flying colours - her GPA for the first year was 3.47 - well done Shannon x

Anyways, I have had a great week and really getting back into a routine of sorts.  Andy took the week off work, so spent some time with him too.

Here's the workouts.

Now that I have changed up my exercise plan, we are putting the Treadclimber up for sale - it has served it's purpose, getting me fit and into a routine of exercising.  I intend to do more outside walking - as the weather changes, after all we need that good old Vit D :-)  In the Winter months I will just do more gym visits.

Had a beautiful day on Saturday, so whilst Andy and Shannon went to the Senators/NYRangers Hockey (and they won 6-5, what an awesome game!), I decided to take the opportunity to go out for a great Nordic Walk :-)

Onto the Weigh in.

Start Weight
220 lb

Weight End of Week 48
149 lb

Weight this Week
148 lb

Weight Loss
1 lb

Weight Loss Total
72 lb

Yay another 1 lb in the right direction - so, change of exercise habits is working so far.

Plan for this week, weather permitting, to try and get our for some more Nordic Walks and to fit in 3 visits to the gym.

Hope you have a great week.

Quote of the Day

"A river cuts through rock,
not because of it's power,
but because of it's persistence."
James N Watkins (Author)

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  1. Nice job, Karon. Way to power through that tough week and find a solution. Keep going.


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